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Phiten products include Necklaces, Bracelets and Power sleeves. Our most popular series of products employ aqueous titanium solution or concentrated micro-sized titanium spheres to help relax your muscles.

AIR Phiten Necklace - $15.00
ON SALE - Ultra-light version of Phiten's trademark necklaces. The Titanium Silica Foam Core is extremely light and the fabric shell is a mixture of elastic polyurethane/nylon which stretches effortlessly over the head without needing a clasp. Available in 17" or 20" - Aqua, Gray, Black or Pink. More Information / Purchase >> AIR Phiten Necklace
ON SALE: "Tribal" Phiten X30 Necklace - $20.00
Phiten Tribal X-30 Necklace: This team model leads the Phiten line of team necklaces with a signature tattoo inspired style. The soft outer fabric is coated with Aqua-Titanium in X30 strength (30 TIMES higher concentrations of Titanium than the original necklace). The flexible core is a Micro Titanium Sphere and elastomer compound. Play hard and feel better while looking good as well. Available in Pink, Navy and Black. More Information / Purchase >> ON SALE: "Tribal" Phiten X30 Necklace
S-Pro Phiten Necklace - $27.00
Phiten S-PRO Necklace: This new elastomer silicone necklace has concentrated micro-sized Titanium Spheres embedded in it. It's updated sleek styling and moisture-proof material makes it ideal for athletic activities or casual wear. Available in Black or White - 21" or 17" sizing. More Information / Purchase >> S-Pro Phiten Necklace
S-Pro Phiten Sport Bracelet - $16.00
S-Pro Phiten Bracelet. These bracelets easily stretch over your hand and are infused with Titanium that may help relieve pain in your wrists, hands and lower arm. Available in Black, White, Lime Green, Carolina Blue, Pink and Purple. More Information / Purchase >> S-Pro Phiten Sport Bracelet
Titanium Pet Collar/Necklace - $19.00
Titanium Pet Necklace: Pets need pain relief too! These products work as well on pets as they do on humans. The strands of this revolutionary necklace are coated with Phiten's Aqua-Titaniumâ„¢. Its core contains micro-sized Titanium balls, as well as carbonized Titanium. The necklace helps relieve stiffness and helps stabilize the whole body. This is a "Classic" Phiten necklace customized to fit your pet's neck and is available in a large selection of colors and sizing. More Information / Purchase >> Titanium Pet Collar/Necklace
HYBRID Phiten Bracelet - $25.00
Introducing the Phiten Hybrid Bracelet combining the sporty look of silicone with the feel of fabric. Phiten took the classic Phiten fabric band and wove it through a futuristic silicone harness for a forward-thinking, space-age look. Available in Black/Red, Clear/Blue and Clear/Pink. More Information / Purchase >> HYBRID Phiten Bracelet
ELECTRIC AIR 3-Pack Phiten Bracelets - $30.40
This collection of Phiten Electric Air bracelets are designed to be incredibly lightweight and slip over your hand for an easy stretch fit. Wear one, wear all three, or change up to match the rest of your gear. Available in 6-1/2" size (should fit up to 7-1/2" wrist measurement) More Information / Purchase >> ELECTRIC AIR 3-Pack Phiten Bracelets
DIGITAL-CAMO Phiten Bracelet - $20.00
Phiten Digital Camo Titanium Bracelets: These comfortable cloth bracelets stretch over your hand and are available in Digital Camo Woodland (green) and Digital Camo Night (Black/Gray). Available sizes: 6", 6-3/4" and 7-1/2". More Information / Purchase >> DIGITAL-CAMO Phiten  Bracelet