Phiten X30 with Classic "Star" Custom Tornado Necklace

Phiten X-30 with Phiten Classic "Star" Custom Tornado Necklace: Design your own Tornado Necklace with these newly released X30 Phiten Necklaces mixed with a Phiten Classic "Star" necklace.  As seen on many Major League Ballplayers, Tornado necklaces are comprised of 2 Phiten Titanium Necklaces twisted together into one necklace.  The X30 necklace has been processed with 30 TIMES higher concentrations of Titanium than the original necklace for added "power". The necklace helps relieve pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck and helps stabilize your whole body. X30 translates into more energy, more power, more speed and less fatigue.   Our custom tornados are sewn AND glued for longer life.

Phiten has recently released several new X30 Necklaces:  Combat Camouflage (Green/Tan/Black), Digital Camo Night (Black/Gray/White), Digital Camo Woodland (Green/Tan/Black), Denim (demin jeans), Razor Black/Gray/White and Razor Red/Gray/White.  You may also choose from one of the Phiten X30 "Tribal" necklace colors.  The X30 necklace is twisted with a Phiten Classic "Star" necklace which gives you lots and lots of color choices.

Fastener:  Clasp

Phiten products do not work for everyone - results vary.


These necklaces may be made longer by adding a "Necklace Extender".  This will add an additional 1-3/4", 2-1/2" or 3-1/2" to the length.  The added section may be removed to make the necklace smaller again.  These are available on Page 2 of our Product List [Necklace Extender] for $6 (or $8 for Tornado extender).


1. Select Finished Length Size:  18" (Small), 20" (Medium-Small) or 16" (Extra Small)

2. Select the X30 Necklace color

3. Select the Classic Star Necklace color (Hot Pink is only available in 16" or 18" length)

We twist the two necklaces together into one "Tornado" for you in the Finished Length you ordered.

These are custom-made items and are not returnable except for defect

PLEASE NOTE:  You may pay using the PayPal option but if you want to pay any other way, you must call (877) 852-7767 and place your order by phone.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regularly: $60.00
Now Only: $50.00
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Razor Black/Classic Gray Some color combinations available X30 Necklace Selection Available "Classic" Colors Razor Red with Classic Cardinal Red Tribal White with Classic Black Sizing