Phiten Tornado Necklace - Custom Made

 Phiten Tornado Necklace:  Design your own Tornado Necklace!  As seen on many Major League Ballplayers, Tornado necklaces are comprised of 2 Classic Titanium Necklaces twisted together into one  rope necklace.  The strands of this revolutionary necklace are coated with Phiten's Aqua-Titanium™.  Its core contains micro-sized Titanium balls, as well as carbonized Titanium.  The necklace helps relieve stiffness in the shoulders and neck and eventually helps stabilize your whole body.  Our custom tornados are sewn AND glued for longer life.

Available Colors: Black, White, Gray, Navy, Royal Blue, Carolina Light Blue, Purple, Forest Green, Optic Green, Pink, Maroon, Cardinal Red, Bright Orange, Burnt Orange, Gold and Light Blue/Navy.


Recommended for:

  • Stiff shoulder relief * Fatigue reduction * Built up stress release * Relaxation * Sports lovers * Enhancement of athletic abilities

Fastener: Clasp

Size:  Approximately 16", 18" 20" or 22" - [1-3/4", 2-1/2" or 3-1/2"] Extenders available for $6.00 Single or $8.00 Tornado - see "Necklace Extender" on page 2 of product list


Select 2 necklace colors - they can be the same color or different colors - use your imagination! Select "Necklace Color 1" then pick "Necklace Color 2" - these 2 necklaces will be twisted together into one necklace.

FREE CUSTOM CLASP/GROMMETS:  If you have a preference as to which color clasp and decorative rubber grommet are used in the necklace, type your choice in the "Comments" section found at the bottom of your Shopping Cart during check-out and we will make every effort to accommodate you.  Other websites charge extra for this option - we offer this FREE!  Selecting a Clasp/Grommet color that doesn't match one of the necklace colors you selected may deem this necklace non-returnable except for defect.  We do not have available any MLB logo grommets.


** Phiten products do not work for everybody - individual results vary.

PLEASE NOTE:   You may pay using the PayPal option but if you want to pay any other way, you must call (877) 852-7767 and place your order by phone.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regularly: $40.00
Now Only: $39.00
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