Phiten Authorized Dealer Certificate

Are you buying Genuine Phiten Products?  Make sure to purchase only from Phiten Authorized Dealers such as Sports TLC who proudly display this seal.  Genuine Phiten products are specially crafted to improve your body's energy flow.  Do not waste your money on counterfeit goods that will not provide any energizing benefits.

If you see a necklace that has "Titanium Sports"  or "Titanium Twisters" written on it, it is a counterfeit and you are getting ripped off!

As Phiten continues to gain recognition and popularity for its unique Aqua-Titanium and Aqua-Gold technology, an alarming number of online retailers have been caught selling counterfeit Phiten equipment.  These products may look very similar to genuine Phiten products, but have not gone through the official "PHILD PROCESS".

PLEASE NOTE:  This certificate is for display on our website  - it is not an actual certificate that will be sent with your order.


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SportsTLC Authorized Phiten Dealer