FREE SHIPPING: SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE COMPLETE PHITEN PRODUCT LIST. Phiten products are worn by elite athletes all over the world to help counteract the stress and fatigue of everyday life. Anyone can benefit from wearing these products which regulate the body's energy flow by stabilizing ions permitting a greater flow of energy with less waste. Aqua Titanium is used prominently in the necklaces and apparel which emits energy that effectively controls your bio-electric current. Sports TLC has been providing the Phiten products online since 2004 so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! ** Phiten products do not work for everybody - individual results vary. Sports TLC FREE shipping is 1st Class Mail or Priority Mail with tracking (normal delivery from ship date is 2-5 days). Most non-custom orders are shipped by the next Postal day (Monday-Saturday) - custom orders may take a day or two more - you will be notified of any anticipated delay. We ship to US Mailing addresses only. Prefer to order by phone? Call us at 877-852-7767.
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Phiten products include Necklaces, Bracelets and Power sleeves. Our most popular series of products employ aqueous titanium solution or concentrated micro-sized titanium spheres to help relax your muscles.

Classic "Star" Custom Phiten Necklace - $21.00
Want a necklace as unique as you are? Customize the Phiten Classic "Star" necklace by picking different clasp and rubber grommet colors! Lots and lots of possible combinations. More Information / Purchase >> Classic "Star" Custom Phiten Necklace
Phiten Cross-Type Titanium Necklace - $31.00
Phiten Cross-Type Titanium Necklace: This is a unique, yet clean and simple silicon necklace with an asymmetrical design element. Includes front closure with Phiten logo plate containing a high concentration of Aqua-Titanium Silica. Available in Black/White and Black/Red in 17" or 20" lengths More Information / Purchase >> Phiten Cross-Type Titanium Necklace
Phiten Chrome Tornado Necklace - $32.00
Genuine Phiten Tornado Chrome Titanium Necklace: This new Tornado necklace is 30% thinner and lighter than the original Tornado necklaces. Available in Black/Gray, Black/Navy, Black/Red or Black Yellow in 18" or 22" Finished Lengths. More Information / Purchase >> Phiten Chrome Tornado Necklace
Phiten Series One (S1) Necklace - $18.00
NEW: Series One (S1) Phiten Necklace. Check out the clean and sleek brand new look for the Phiten Necklaces! Available in Black, Yellow, Red and Blue in either 18" or 22" lengths. More Information / Purchase >> Phiten Series One (S1) Necklace
Bracelet - Custom Phiten - $16.00
Custom Bracelet: Phiten's innovative products help relieve pain in the wrists and hands as well as increase circulation and relaxe the arm. This custom bracelet is made from a Classic Phiten Necklace sized to fit your wrist (or ankle). Match your bracelet to your necklace! Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Custom selection of Clasp/Grommet colors is FREE! More Information / Purchase >> Bracelet - Custom Phiten
X30 with X30 Tornado Phiten Necklace - $60.00
Phiten X-30 Tornado Necklace: Design your own Tornado Necklace with these newly released X30 Phiten Necklaces!NEWLY RELEASED COLORS: Digital Camouflage Black (Night), Digital Camouflage Green (Woodland), Denim, Razor Red and Razor Black. More Information / Purchase >> X30 with X30 Tornado Phiten Necklace
Phiten X30 with Classic "Star" Custom Tornado Necklace - $50.00
Phiten X-30 with Phiten Classis "Star" Custom Tornado Necklace: Design your own Tornado Necklace with an X30 Phiten Necklace mixed with a Phiten Classic "Star" Necklace. Phiten has released several new X30 necklaces to choose from - check them out! The X30 necklace has been processed with 30 TIMES higher concentrations of Titanium than the original necklace. More Information / Purchase >> Phiten X30 with Classic "Star" Custom Tornado Necklace
Necklace Extender - 1-3/4", 2-1/2", 3-1/2" - $6.00
Use this necklace extension to lengthen your Phiten necklace by 1-3/4", 2-1/2" or 3-1/2". Snaps right into many of the Phiten necklaces and may be removed any time to bring your necklace back to its original length. More Information / Purchase >> Necklace Extender - 1-3/4", 2-1/2", 3-1/2"